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Cat's breakthrough album pours a smooth, cosmopolitan cocktail of contemporary jazz and adult contemporary music.

Singer/Songwriter Cat Levan loves Christmas. Whether it’s traditional Christmas carols, contemporary Christmas music, Christmas trees or family get togethers, it all brings warm, fuzzy feelings to her.


“I remember being young and putting on a Bing Crosby Christmas album, White Christmas, and curling up by the lighted Christmas tree. It was so magical that I never wanted the moment to end. The Christmas gifts under the tree, the smell of the Douglas Fir, the colour of the Christmas lights, it all makes a wonderful Christmas memory.


Family holiday get togethers, the smell of turkey roasting, potatoes boiling, people talking and laughing all bring back the desire to spend the holidays together as a family. When family lives far away it the one time of year we all wish we were back home.

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Double Life album

Double Life

Released: 29/05/2020
Label: Wide Sky Records
Format: Digital Download, CD