Singer/songwriter Cat Levan comes from a musical family. “There were always random instruments showing up in the house. One day it would be a violin, then a trumpet, a flute, and even a banjo, but without fail, there was a piano and a guitar. My mother would play the piano as we were winding down to sleep. It was a dreamy way to drift off.

My teen years found us jamming with whomever and whatever was around the house on Friday nights. It didn’t matter whether we knew how to play the instrument or not. We were encouraged to pick it up and give it a try. It was a precious gift to us girls to be encouraged to take chances and express ourselves musically at a young age.”

Cat’s sisters are all musical, and her sister Melanie Chartrand, a recording artist in her own right, has not only won awards for songwriting but has also had her songs included in The Best of Canadian Songs book, alongside Gordon Lightfoot.

Cat has a passion for music and always has a piano or guitar within reach. “It’s a good way to wind down at the end of the day.” Cat comments. “I can’t imagine life without music.”

Her quest for music brought her to the Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir, where she was a soloist, and Soundscape acapella group where she discovered the fun of harmonies. She has been a guest artist with blues bands and classic rock bands but decided it was time to explore her own music. Double Life is her debut album.